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A cheat sheet to highlighting and contouring

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  • Mary: I just realised, Cronus has a cigarette in his mouth that he never lights.
  • Eris: It's a metaphor.
  • Mary: I can't believe tumblr hasn't realised this yet.
  • Eris: And everyone ships him with Cancer.

walking a little is not the same as walking


what I mean by this is that being able to walk a little, being able to walk with consequences, that’s not the same as being able to walk (the end)

When people are denied wheelchairs because they can walk, an important thing is missed.

They can’t walk

yes, they can physically walk.  That’s not what I mean.

What I mean is,

Can they walk to the store and back?  Can they do so safely?  Can they do so and still have energy left for the day?  For the week?

Can they walk at home?  yes?  Ok, but does doing so leave them with enough energy to leave?  To go to school, work, out with friends, on errands?  Is it safe?

Can they walk long enough to go places, enjoy things, to do what they could do if they had mobility aids?  

Yes, being able to walk, even a little, is different than not being able to walk at all.  

But it’s not the same as being able to walk, without consequences, without fear of safety, for “long distances”

So when you deny someone mobility aids because they can still walk, because you want them to still walk, you’re missing something.

If they’re asking for mobility aids, their mobility is already limited.  They’re already not walking as often because they can’t.  Mobility aids won’t change that.  But they can actually improve mobility, and allow for more opportunities to go out and be active.  

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there is nothing better than picking up random cats and running around in hyrule castle

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Bolaji Badejo who played the alien creature in the film Alien, England, 1978. Photographed by Eve Arnold.

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Super cosplayer Jay Justice

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I didn’t post this, but thanks to OP for crediting me! And wow at all the comments & tags! Most of them had me cracking up but this one was not so good:
"you can really overlook skin color on how f*cking fantastic the cosplay is"

Skin color is not something negative you have to overlook to appreciate the ‘rest of’ the person you are looking at. It is not a flaw that you have to ignore in order to admire someone’s work. The person who said this was not complimenting me but exposing their own racial bias.

My skin color is not something ‘wrong’ with my costumes. Being a black woman enhances my costumes. Black women are the beautiful flowers that white supremacy tried to kill but we kept growing anyway. They try to tell us we’re ugly and dirty and sadly some of us start to believe it. They sell us skin bleach & hair straighteners, and white wash our characters and expect us to be complacent. When we speak out we’re told we’re too loud and angry and unfeminine.

I appreciate all the kind words on this post but I want to say that it’s not a compliment to express approval of someone ‘in spite of’ that person’s race. If you can’t appreciate my work without a negative remark about my skin color, the problem most certainly is not with me but within you.

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she came from venus - for female scientists, space explorers, aliens, droids and other badass sci-fi ladies (x)

1. electric lady - janelle monáe | 2. into darkness - kyary pamyu pamyu | 3. rapture - blondie | 4. electric girl - she | 5. science fiction double feature - joan jett | 6. love without sound - delia derbyshire | 7. starships - nicki minaj | 8. area 52 - yeah yeah yeahs | 9. human behaviour - björk | 10. art-i-ficial - x-ray spex | 11. major tom (coming home) - shiny toy guns | 12. lost in space - starkey | 13. hello earth - kate bush | 14. sally ride - janelle monáe | bonus track: she blinded me with science - thomas dolby

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