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Photographer: Maxim Vakhovskiy

Black Venus, Vol. 1:

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If you can afford it, I would recommend going to Kohls or w/e and buying one pair of cheap but clean slacks. That’s what I did before graduation when I knew I’d have a bunch of interviews to go to. If that isn’t feasible, I’d say go with the skirt.

Yeah, new pants are definitely on hold for now unless I get any in-person interviews at the longer-term, better-paying jobs I put in for.  Skirt with flats it is, then.  Show off my MIGHTY CALVES and advertise my ability to trek long distances through the untamed wilds of Rural American State and squat with the best of them over featureless piles of dirt.

(And thanks!)

I wore pinstriped slacks, a white button-up shirt with a ruffle-y collar, and a black sweater shaped kinda like a suit jacket to the job interview that got me my current job. Not in archaeology, though.

My main wardrobe hindrance is that I don’t have any dress slacks, and my skirts are perfect for conference presentations and the like but feel  waaaay too dressy to interview for a job where I’ll be outside tromping through wilderness or construction sites with a trowel all summer.

So do I dress up my best jeans with heels and a blazer or do I say fuck it all and rock the old lady linen-ish pantsuit pants I bought for a dollar with the intention of wearing them as slouchy beach slacks?

What sort of clothes do you wear to an archaeology job interview?

I’ve seen these people in their natural habitats and I’m not sure I’ll come across as a credible candidate if I’m not in a bandana, dusty t-shirt from a dig in the early 90s, and shorts with more pockets than a Rob Liefeld cover.

"You see, before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did. If he weren’t up there now… I don’t think it would be snowing. Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it."

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massive height line up of everyone in apartmentstuck

in order, it is

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Yo, beach, heard you was talkin ship

'school. Glub it to me. 

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Found an exciting job listing, but then scrolled down to the experience requirements and on top of  human osteology (yay!) they want you to be an expert in lithic flaking (wait, that’s a different branch of—) AND know how to fix cars (FUCKING WHAT).



Egill Bjarki Jonsson

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……”uh oh”

you can see the exact moment where it realizes how bad it fucked up

I have been sitting here giggling at this for 5 minutes straight

sleek and elegant predator right here yo

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