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I’m supposed to be doing work…


i know i want a lot of things but TURTLES WITH RED SLIDER EYES


 Star Trek Voyager : Behind The Scenes

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If you like adventure stories, House of Leaves style unsettling, creeping horror with mazes and impossible spaces, characters trying to rationalize the unreality happening around them, all contrasted against sharp fragments of normality that lay out an equally-compelling subplot of interpersonal conflict and character growth,


if you are at all passingly familiar with the Ninja Turtles,


go slip into something cozy, pour yourself some cocoa or a nice glass of wine, light a candle or two, turn off the lights, and settle down to treat yourself for a few hours with Labyrinth by Amicitia Revenant.  48k, gen, references events from the 2003 series but in a way that makes sense even if you haven’t watched it, and some of the best story crafting I’ve ever read.

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i read tablespoons as pounds and it. it really changed the whole thing let me tell you

Well I love French cooking and I’m Southern as all hell so 1 1/2 pounds of butter for three eggs isn’t thaaaaaaat far-fetched.

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what is your scrambled egg secret

This is how my dad taught me to cook eggs, and most of his cooking skills were honed over a literal cowboy campfire, so these might not be to everybody’s taste or sensibilities about what’s a scrambled egg and what’s a half-assed omelet,  but damn if I’ll eat them any other way.

For three eggs, melt 1 to 1 1/2 tbs of real butter in a very hot pan.  Crack eggs directly into pan (smaller pan works best) or into a bowl first if you’re worried about stray shell bits, but do not stir the whites and yolks together.  Let the eggs bubble and cook for about 30 seconds or until the whites have started to stiffen up at the edges of the pan (this is why a smaller pan works better, as it keeps the eggs and butter well contained), then give them a rough stir with a fork, just enough to break up the yolks and scrape up any cooked bits.  Then, the most important ingredient:  Lawrey’s Seasoned Salt.  Sprinkle that generously over the whole mass of egg deliciousness, then leave it to cook through with no to minimal stirring for about 15 seconds.  You’ll have a mass that’s almost like a really thick omelet with a few runny patches along the top.  Stir/scrape/kinda chop with your fork more vigorously and the last liquid bits will cook through, remove from heat immediately.  

Your scrambled eggs should be buttery, savory, moist when you bite into them but not so wet that it leaves any seepage on your plate, yellow with occasional swirls and flecks of white, and just spongy enough (kinda like a roughly chopped up quiche) to be easily speared by a fork. 

You can also add cheddar and diced onion, but to adhere to the campfire roots use roughly cubed cheese instead of shredded.  Add the onions after your first rough stir and the cheese at the same time as the Lawrey’s so you end up with a melty cheese ribbon running through your eggs.  If you like ketchup with your eggs these eggs will take it well. When my dad makes us a full-on cowboy breakfast he starts by making extra-crispy bacon then uses the grease to cook the hashbrowns (1/2 inch cubed instead of shredded) and the eggs, toast with butter and jam on the side for a sweet/tart accent.

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cholesterol in food does not become the cholesterol in your heart

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well unless you got specific problems with it, cholesterol is not as much of a problem as it used to be advertised as (mom is a doc). so i mean go ahead and make those eggs, it’s alright to do it every now and then






Definition of College life.

I thought that was Spock

Even Spock can’t handle this illogical shit

I saw Spock too

Kirk: “Is he dead, Bones?”

McCoy: “No, but with all that student debt he’ll owe, he may as well be.”

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wake me up when starfleet is real

Khan. What you are thinking of is becoming Khan.

well, shit

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I wish cholesterol wasn’t a thing so I could scramble a dozen eggs at once and dump the whole lot onto my plate.