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Today my inbox was graced by a particularly stubborn and “not racist" anon, prompting this comic.

Because whenever anyone seriously tries to argue that POC fans (which for the record, I’m white) and anyone drawing POC Homestucks and advocating for more representation of people of color in fandom and media are the ones inserting race/racism into the discussion—

y’know, racism, that system by which, among other things, mostly-arbitrary categories of biological characteristics and cultural stereotypes are used to justify gross social, economic, and political inequality to the benefit of those in power, and which kind of exists fucking everywhere and doesn’t need help getting inserted into almost every aspect of people’s lives—

I always have to wonder if we’re even reading the same comic.  Intentional analogy or not, that thematic ship has gone and fucking sailed. 

And as promised, both messages anon sent me after the last ask I answered are included here for general mockery.  Rest assured, they are as enlightened on issues of citizenship and how other people self-identify as they are on race as a whole:

Good job anon what a convincing argument you’ve crafted. 

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