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FOR WANT OF A SCREW - AO3 update (some revisions to part 10/second half of Chapter 4 compared to how it first appeared on the KM)

There’s a crumple of fabric lying half under the coffee table, but when John reaches for it his hands close around a line of cold metal snaps. One of Dave’s shirts, then. He yanks at it in annoyance, intending to dump it unceremoniously at the foot of his roommate’s door, but when he pulls it into the lamplight he’s met not with pilled grey cotton but a rainbow mashup of fat, coyly smiling cats.

Puzzled, he holds the shirt out at arm’s length, taking in the orgy of dumpy, jewel-tone felines in all their garish glory. What in the world…?

“Thanks,” rumbles a voice behind him, close enough that hot breath tickles across his part. “I was looking for that.”

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