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sharpestrose replied to your post: fuck it I need the distraction IT’S DR…

Dave and Laurie have to take care of a toddler.

Sorry for no Dave but after I finished Laurie I couldn’t think of anything that could possibly top her.


Silk Spectre and Nite Owl

@ Baltimore Comic-Con 2014

Photo by M&G

If this is you in the photo, let me know so I can credit!

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I forgot how much i dig ponytail laurie


laurieeeee (and one sally)


Another Silk Spectre
I’m almost done with Watchmen @__@

It all started with a 3:00am sketch and… you know xD
I wanted to give the coloring an old comicbook vibe, and I’m really happy with the result, which is strange X)

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i’ve been WAY over due on drawing my girl laurie

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silk spectre using palette 1 requested by slipstreamborne


Before Watchmen: The Silk Spectre by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner

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this all looked a lot cooler in my tired brain okay