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Impulse - $6.99

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Snowing Again by (Several seconds)

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North Melbourne Study 20

Oil on board


University of Wollongong collection 2013

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sweet mother mary

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Anonymous asked: I love your art work so much :3 I was just wondering, how do you pick your colors? they are just so beautiful and unique and UGH i cant do colors and it pains me


its about time i try to explain this as the obviously unprofessional i am. 

i just pick colors depending on my mood, there are colors that look colder and warmer, so i take advantage of that 

do you feel the colors. you gotta feel them. 

then it’s time to pick the best colors for your piece, aka AVOID THESE IF YOU CAN. 

sometimes they work tho, but why pick those when you can pick these

they give you cuter colors and better color palettes.

remember to feel how warm or cold or neutral you want anything to look. 

that’s better looking than the MS Paint default palette. after some time you will be able to choose nice colors, give it a try. (you can also make a new layer with a solid color and set it to Overlay and it should help). 

then the shading comes in, you’ll eventually realize some colors look better with others. BUT PLEASE PLEASE AVOID SHADING WITH BLACK/GREYS OR MAKING LIGHTS WITH WHITE.

ew that looks so simple, why do that when yOU COULD BE SHADING WITH COLORS TOO??? 

yeah that looks more lively. 

i really like colors and that’s why i experiment with them a lot so to fully understand them you could either learn on your own by trying (like me) or you could take color classes, which is good too because they will teach you about other important stuff like this 

but basically its just 

don’t take me too seriously because i just fool around with colors hnnn. u3u 




oh dang. the orange. amazing. 

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in color


The Coral Cave - Coloring a background

Here is a timelapse video showing how we color a background from the beginning to the end.
We’ll try to publish more videos like this as we work on The Coral Cave or other projects (comics, linocut…)

We hope you’ll like this one.
Feel free to ask if you have any question!

Watch the video on youtube

EDIT: you need to click on the little cog on the bottom of the video and activate the annotations to display comments explaining the process.

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Coles Phillips ‘The Magic Hour’ 1924

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