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My headcanon is that after Tavros’ accident, Aradia and Sollux stayed in his hive for a while, helping him around until he got better.





dont trust this demon kid


bahaystuck(au where everyone is filipino)
aradia originally came from the south and moved to the north because doc scratch(an old american guy) adopted her(her mom went missing and her sister is an entertainer in japan)
tavros takes leisure in joining rap battles(fliptop) and lives off scholarship money and the money his brother sends him(he doesnt know where he is tho) ; his dad works for the military
sollux is like the korean kid who moved in the philippines to study english but eventually lives here permanently; his dad works overseas and his brother lives w his girlfriend so he lives alone. nepeta stalks him and calls him oppa sometimes…….

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things nobody asked more for; humanstuck
you get a tav and kat from ss 


befriending the rad cool kid, a guide by tavros nitram

1. be really cool 2 impress

2. realize admit both of you actually arent really cool

3. talk about video games for the next hour


also nitrams mix is here for the two of you care

I’m 30 seconds into this and it’s already perfect.


most of the time i’m like “i love this character a lot but i understand that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and some people might not like them”

but there are a few characters where i’m like “HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS PRECIOUS BABY ANGEL I WILL FUCKING FIGHT YOU”

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WIP.  I felt like doodling something, then decided to practice backgrounds.  And what the heck, let’s throw my otp in there sprawled in really awkward to draw poses.

I may have made a mistake. 


i probably had a caption planned but i forgot so have a loser in a flannel