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Let’s be honest here.  Is it any surprise at all that this would be part of the upd8 I just had to illustrate?

(Keep going back and forth on whether to try and do it with high-contrast inks or more soft, chalky coloring, but either way have to stop here for the moment until I’m back from work.)

Oh man, you know what’s even better than drawing bare feet?  Drawing old man bare feet. 

BLEH I just don’t know.  :/

What do you think, tumblr?  What’s more “badass rocket-boarding blade-wielding dork from the future living in a post-apocalyptic steel stilt hut/skyscraper in the middle of the goddamn ocean”:  a.) bare feet; b.) rope sandals; c.) tabi-influenced Toms knock-offs / some other type of sockless flats; d.) Vans/sneakers; e.) other? 

I challenge you to post whatever is open on sai/photoshop/whatever





omfg… my life


“ha ha, theres gotta be at least a FEW sfw wips—”

So my SAI trial period ran out ages and ages ago and I’ve been to lazy to go searching for a hacked download, and as a result of not being able to save things I’ve just kind of not turned my computer completely off in almost, um, a month.  Just been leaving shit open and taking lots of screencaps as I go in case of a crash/forced reboot that makes me lose everything I’ve got open. 

Top left panel is the Travrisprite horror drawing I did, to give you an idea of the time frame I’m talking about (and it wasn’t even the oldest canvas I had open even as late as this morning; I just like it too much to close it just yet).  The rest, clockwise:  Clone High-style Legend of Korra edit, first attempt to clean up one of my baldstuck sketches (Gamzee), and a first look at Equiusprite from my lusustuck AU. 

Fucking hell this paaaaaaaaage. 8|

Drawing claw-shredded clothing is not as easy as 90s comic book artists led me to believe. 

Help I just love that Lusus SGRUB session w/ trolls-as-sprites prompt so much it’s got me in its jaws and it won’t let go.

I seem to have brainstormed ideas for the sprite forms of all but a few of the trolls already.  And somehow they’re all ending up as various manifestations of body horror kind of by accident?  It seems to be a natural by-product of the objects they’re initially prototyped with (and whatever injuries they had upon their deaths, indicated here in parentheses).

What I’ve got so far:

  • Karkat (culled with his own sickles) + crappy fridge drawing? = Grey sprite with slit throat, bleeding bright red blood down his front, claw hands
  • Aradia (killed by Vriska long before SGRUB) + ? = See-through sprite form showing her skeleton underneath and ???
  • Tavros (?) + used host plush, slightly dirty from being tossed out in the bushes = Sprite sewn together down the middle in host plush pattern, hole in chest showing stuffing, bits of leaves stuck to him (cough cough Pupa Pan)
  • Sollux (cut in half down the middle) + beehive? = Sprite with two heads and honeycomb neck frill?
  • Nepeta (?) + possibly Pounce herself, something cat-related at least = Cat!Nepeta sprite.  Most of the other luscii, forewarned by ???, were trying to weaken their queens by prototyping with fairly innocuous objects, but Pounce, knowing how much it would mean to Nepeta to be a cat, breaks the rules so that her charge can be happy. :33
  • Kanaya (?) + ? = ???
  • Terezi (?) + Scalemate = Armless sprite with neck frill, almost snake-like, as Terezi even continues to sense the world primarily through smell/taste with a flicking forked tongue. 
  • Vriska (?) + Magic 8 Ball = Sprite with Jack English type spinning eyes with answer dice in them.
  • Equius (?) + robot = Cyborg-type sprite, sort of an inversion of Aradia’s fate in the Beta timeline.
  • Gamzee (drowned) + soper = Purple goop monster sprite with a Clayface like ability to shapeshift bits of himself into weapons or break off bits to turn into clubs to juggle.  If snaps, high potential for leaving terrifying trails of drippy light indigo goo as he goes.
  • Eridan (?) + ? = ???
  • Feferi (?) + cuttlefish = Sprite with eight tentacle arms and spots. 

This is just the initial brainstorm, may adjust accordingly as I work on them.  Anyways we’ll see how many of these I end up doodling the final forms for.  Tavsprite is definitely getting drawn to go with the ficlet I wrote, but in case it ends up being all of them I’m making a “trollsprites” tag to keep track of this little au. 

Progress shot because I always enjoy seeing other people’s, and also because this page has 20+ layers so far and I’m still doing the underdrawing al;skjfd.  After a lot of layer merging this panel is at least down to 6 or so, though that doesn’t include clothing and lighting guidelines.  Sigh. 

Whatever.  It’s a rainy Saturday and I’ve got a playlist full of Everclear.  Perfect setting for drawing sort-of dead teens fumbling through angsty cuddles.